All the Other Stuff VOL.1.

 There's a lot more going on in John John Florence's life than rankings and barrels. 

Besides his hobbies like sailing, beekeeping, and farming back home on Oahu's North Shore, there's a helluva lotta other stuff going on between the surfing we see on those epic surf trips he takes. 

And in the latest video he released today, we get to see all that other stuff, in the short edit aptly named, "All the Other Stuff VOL. 1." 

Florence captioned the clip above:

"Looking through our footage at home, we thought it would be fun to start a little series with some of the moments and waves that were left behind after a year on the road. 

"Happy to report Lauryn can now drive stick shift. 

"All of our rentals next year will be manual to prove it. Hope you enjoy!"

We won't spoil any more of it for you than John John already did by announcing that Lauryn learned to drive a stick (we know you've been dying to know), but there is a lot of surfing in the video. So just go ahead and press play above. 

Viewers were stoked on the flick. Here are some of their comments:

"Having new videos coming is pure joy.. thank you John"

"A nice piece of art, thx for uploading."

"There will come a time where some people will know you as a cinematographer who just happens to surf good, rather than a surfer who just happens to be a good cinematographer. Bet Christopher Nolan never got barrelled."

"Another epic vid team. Keep up the epic work loved watching this and loved the personal parts. Would love to see a little more of those raw moments."