PE’AHI “All it takes is one wave to change your life”

Kai Lenny is many things: a kiter, a foiler, a surfer, even a snowboarder. But he’s also big hearted. His new film, PE’AHI, which he produced, is the story of 12-year-old Dustin Satz. Kai discovered him living in a Native Hawaiian homeless camp on Maui. They bonded over something that bonds many of us: the ocean. Dustin wants to become a big-wave surfer. So Kai takes him under his wing. Together they work to help Dustin catch a wave at Jaws, and in the process, become the youngest to ever do so. The film debuts on July 10 at the Maui Film Festival but keep an eye out here as we provide info on where you can watch the film on the mainland and beyond.

 Some pictures of the film