A trip in which we will discover the north, south and center of this country, the south of Spain, the north of Africa and the epicenter of hundreds of stories throughout all time.

With him we share more things than we know. Vestiges of their vast culture travel through our country, words that we use daily come from their language and the great quality and quantity of waves is something that we find in both countries.

The quality of the waves that we can surf in this country bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea is not new, a destination on the rise, both for surfers and tourists, due to the richness of its landscape, its gastronomy or the friendliness of its people.

 In this first installment we leave you a tour of three of the best waves that we can find in the central area of ​​"the land of God", meaning of the word Murakuc (Morocco) in Berber.


In the small fishing village of Taghazout we find what is perhaps the most famous spot in Morocco, frequented in the 60s by Australian surfers, it is today a meeting point for surfers from around the planet.

It is a spot that is born from a rock breakwater. It is usually a fairly constant wave throughout the year, but without a doubt, and paying attention to the most veteran of the place, it usually works better during the autumn and winter seasons. During the summer months the wave tends to be more extended and soft. Which is not an inconvenience, since when the conditions are epic, it is a fairly crowded wave. 

The best conditions are Swell NW and Wind NE. Excessively from the forecasts, it can be a wave suitable for all levels, as it can only be for high-flying surfers.


A few kilometers north of our previous spot we find another of the best hidden in these lands bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. A spot that will delight the most demanding, a fast wave and tuber. 

This spot owes its name to the orcas or from English, "killer whales", which are frequently seen, especially in the summer months, near the Moroccan coast when they migrate between the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic for tuna hunting. 

Killer Point is characterized by its high consistency in high quality waves, probably being the spot where waves are guaranteed for more days a year. This wave is characterized by being a powerful wave with quite hard sections. It is a wave where the best conditions are Swell NW and Wind E. Unlike Anchor Point, this is not usually a very crowded wave, on the contrary, it is a wave where there are several dangers, among which the locals stand out, the rocks and the sharks, reasons enough for it to never be overcrowded.


This city founded by the Portuguese in 1500 approx. It is one of the most touristic in all the Moroccan territory. A university city with an international airport, it is a destination where, in addition to surfing, we can enjoy places of great cultural interest.

It is to the south of our two previous destinations where we located the last of the spots. This can be the epicenter from which we can move, in a short radius of kilometers, to an infinity of spots with a very high quality of waves for all levels.

This is a sandy spot on the city beach. It is by far the least constant of the three that we have seen, however it has the advantages of being a wave that we find in the middle of the city, both with rights and lefts and that is not usually very crowded. Another advantage that this destination offers us is that we can base camp in the city and travel to all the spots that we find in the central area of ​​Morocco.

The best conditions for this last spot are usually in the winter months and Swell NW and Wind NE.