No Contest - Off Tour

A travel series exploring the communities of surfing's international hot zones, from Italy to Fiji, urban surf cities NYC and Tel Aviv, and the jungles of Central America and South Brazil.


This is New York surfing! [No Contest - Off Tour S1E1]


From blizzard barrels with Balaram Stack to summer fun with Kolohe Andino’s crew, join host Ashton Goggans for an in-depth look at the colourful characters comprising the New York surfing scene.


Fiji with Julian Wilson [No Contest - Off Tour S1E2]

Fiji can lay claim to two very important surfing superlatives: the best wave and the friendliest culture in the world. Julian Wilson flies in for an XXL Cloudbreak swell and to explore Fijian roots.


Steph and Leo explore Italy [No Contest - Off Tour S1E3]

When you're in Italy, you're part of the Big Family, says Steph Gilmore. Leo Fioravanti takes us from Rome to Sardinia to meet the locals and see what the Mediterranean scene looks like today.


Leon Glatzer surfs Costa Rica [No Contest - Off Tour S1E4]
Pavones, Costa Rica, the second-longest wave in the world, has a confounding and complicated history. Leon Glatzer shows us this pristine, roots surf paradise.


Mateus Herdy explores Floripa [No Contest - Off Tour S1E5]

The beating heart of Brazilian surfing lies in South Brazil: Florianópolis. Mateus Herdy takes us 600km in 10 days through one of the most prolific DIY surf and skate communities on earth.


Israel's vibrant surf scene [No Contest - Off Tour S1E6]

Surfing in Israel goes back to 1956 and Tel Aviv today is one of the surf world’s most vibrant scenes. Some of Israel’s most beloved figures show us the surf scene, local cuisine and culture.


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