LA ISLA DE LOS TIGRES [Aritz Aranburu, Kepa Acero, Natxo González]


La Isla de los Tigres is a surf film starring Natxo González, Kepa Acero and Aritz Aranburu that shows the search for an unknown wave on the African continent accompanied by filmmaker Igor Bellido.

“Since Google Earth came out in 2006, I have not stopped exploring the world in search of world-class waves lost along the planet's coasts. And in Angola we knew that one of them was there”, says Kepa Acero when referring to how this project arose between adventure and exploration.

On previous solo trips through Namibia and Angola he discovered its existence and since then he has been waiting for the opportunity to return accompanied. In 2019, he found the moment with two friends and also passionate about surfing, such as Aritz Aramburu and Natxo González. Now you can relive their adventure in this wonderful documentary.