Uncharted – Episode 3: Winter

It's snowing sideways; the roads are inaccessible without four-wheel drive, snow tires, weather radio, and a lot of patience. Water temps are in the thirties, and air temps are in the tens. The wind chill makes everything abominably colder. There are several feet of snow on the boardwalk and several inches of ice on the sand. The shore breaks awash with slush, and icicles hang from the jetty like inverted punny sticks in a Neptunian battlefield. The lineup is practically invisible just a loud menacing mess of white noise. This is not a Beach Boys song. This is not a Hawaiian postcard. This is not what surfing is supposed to look like, but the Northeast gets its best swells in the wintertime, so choosing not to surf when it gets cold is the gateway drug to quitting surfing entirely. So what do you do? Let's go. The third and final episode of Uncharted is here.