Uncharted – Episode 2: Changing of the Seasons

Hurricanes are the rockstars of east coast swell chasing experience with their media hype, one-word namesakes, and packs of impressionable groupies tracking their every movement. Still, like most rockstars—they can be grossly overrated, derivative, and pretentious without substance. Meanwhile, the more localized acts start touring in the late fall; the cold fronts, nor’easters, and assorted low-pressure systems are more like your favorite indie bands- powerful and classic. They hit every note perfectly and connect with their audience every time, and their songs play in your head on repeat forever. Episode 2- Changing of the Seasons- highlights the transition months on the East Coast with Rob Kelly. Watch as Rob and friends pull into some classic New Jersey barrels, and stay tuned for Episode 3 dropping on August 11th.