Uncharted: Episode 1- Hurricanes

Spend an entire year in a Northeast surfer's shoes — or rather their booties — and you'll find out pretty quickly that this region is not a microcosm for what's happening everywhere in the surf world. No, the Northeast is a unique experience that begins and ends with extreme shifts from one season to another. It's tough, complicated, and tiring, but if done right, it's nothing short of a surf trip at home. And if done really right, it's a score like no other. In the Fall of 2021, surfer Rob Kelly and filmmaker Ryan Simalchik left their passports at home, tricked out their equipment, assembled a tight band of merry frothers, and partnered with Surfline to produce this documentary series showing what one little region can deliver in just one short year. All you need is a little swell, a few toys, a couple of trustworthy friends, and the where-with-all to go after it. You don't necessarily have to go far to go Uncharted.