Filipe Toledo Surf-Off, 20 Mile E-Bike Ride: Stab Highway CA, Presented by Monster Energy Finale

At sunset, the Monster Air, MVP, and overall point winner of Stab Highway CA, presented by Monster Energy were crowned. In Episode 5 the teams surf against Filipe Toledo and revel in victory after a surprise final challenge. Before the winners claimed an expense paid Kandui trip, they also: 
 - Rode E-Bike from Lowers to Trestles — Oside? 
 - Wrestled Joel Tudor 
 - Shoot the pier at night 
- Styled the Caridff kook 
- Finished six days of burritos 
 - Completed airs on a 4’8 grom board 
- Scrapped 
- Surfed Churches, Lowers, Uppers in one session 
 - Rode jet skis on a military base