miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Best momentum Jeremy Flores

Going into last year's Pipeline Masters, you would have gotten pretty good odds on Jeremy Flores to win. The 22 year old natural footer from Reunion Island via Madagascar, Sydney, Capbreton and New Caledonia, had endured an indifferent year on tour and was almost nobody's pick to succeed at surfing's most testing arena. But succeed he did, snatching clutch wins in the dying moments of his semi and final in good mid-size Pipe. The win over Kieren Perrow in the final lifted him into the top ten and launches him into the 2011 season opener on a high.

Winning the Pipe Masters is obviously the best possible way to finish the 2010 season. Has it given you extra confidence going into 2011 and particularly this first event at Snapper?

Yeah, maybe. I don't know. I haven't thought about that. I've just been starting to surf again the last couple days, training, and let's see how it goes. I'm frothing for this year. That win in the Pipe Masters was the best feeling ever. I'm still so stoked on it. I wake up every morning and see that beautiful trophy by Gerry Lopez (a classic Pipe gun) and I get so stoked.

Your tube riding was a feature of your win at Pipe. That must stand you in good stead going into Snapper. Is the Gold Coast somewhere you feel like you can get a strong result?

Yeah, I love Snapper. I've been going there for so long, since I was a little kid. I love that wave and I've got some good results there the last few years. I got a third three years ago - that was amazing. I had so much fun in that comp. Hopefully the barrels turn on and the banks get good. I'd love to get barrels there with one other guy out.

You've been Europe's highest rated surfer for a while now. Do you feel extra motivation to fly the flag for European surfing?

I come from Reunion Island. It's a very small island in Africa and I've been fighting my whole life to get respect 'cause I wasn't from anywhere famous for surfing, but I always trained very hard to prove them wrong! I'm definitely proud to represent Europe. There's very good surfers there and very good waves so I hope the next generations follow and keep going at it.

Who are you expecting big things from in 2011? The usual suspects, or any newcomers?

I think the usual suspects, for sure. All those guys have so much experience everywhere. They know exactly what they're doing. That makes a lot of difference and, of course, there's a few freaks like Dane Reynolds who are just amazing in any conditions. He's definitely a potential world champion, I believe.